The ASCET group was conceived and formed in August 2011. ASCET (Attainable Sustainable Cinematic Electronic Tools) is a casual group of some of Wellington’s leading digital creatives that meets regularly to discuss the practical and technological realities of building ideal resources for people creating world leading work on mid sized budgets.


These resources, revolve around and include the studio itself. Island bay Studio’s on-going aim is to become a tool that the NZ independent screen sector can use to realize budget projects to higher creative and technical levels than has been possible in the past. The best people to inform this process are the digital creatives who plan to be utilizing it. These are the people that make up ASCET.


As well as the requirements of the impending studio refurb, ASCET also exists to discuss and develop fresh technologies for use by digital creatives in order to achieve their own projects. The studio undertakes to be the physical infrastructure where ideas can be developed and to be a connecting point for the people with the skills to develop them.


ASCET is an excuse to put a bunch of high-caliber screen and digital media geeks into a room, add beer and pizza, and encourage them to be inventive and idealistic. The geeks are the real deal. On another level it’s an opportunity for skilled practitioners to present ideas; to connect with the people and resources they need to turn their ideas into reality; and to benefit from the creation of tools and IP for the industry. It’s fun, potentially very useful for its members, and its driven by a sense of civic responsibility: to consciously shape the infrastructure which we and future members of the industry will occupy.


Membership is casual and open but it’s by referral from someone else in the group. If you think you know someone who’d want to be involved flick Nic or Frank an email at [email protected]


If you are an ascet member you can click here to access the latest news and forums.