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The final part of how and why all this activity and idealism fits together is the Island Bay Project itself. The IBP is a group of like-minded individuals who came together with the initial shared goal of helping with the strengthening and refurb of studio itself.

We saw the grand old building – thirty years a film studio – as a rich surviving resource for the Wellington screen industry. We realized that it not only needs the motive force of a group of people to see the building survive and the work done right, but it needs such a group to keep its philosophies and purposes buoyant; to help it change with the changing needs of the screen industry.

Wellington has a remarkable depth of talent and creativity in its digital sector, but there is often a frustrating disconnect between, talent, resources and opportunities particularly at the small and mid-range independent level. We believe the studio already functions uniquely and sustainably in this sector, and that we are well placed to ‘be the change’ that Wellington needs. We’re undertaking several activities with this in mind. These activities are based around the studio because we see it as the natural heart/home of the people, ideas and opportunities we want to encourage.

The Island Bay Project is an advisory group. It does not and will not operate as a commercial enterprise and it does not and will not own any intellectual or physical assets. It has a set of goals that it wants to achieve each year and it engages with local agencies, businesses and individuals operating in the screen industry in order to do that.

The IBP, curator and connector, can channel the collective knowledge and skill base of the ASCET group to assist with the studio’s development but also work for the members to access resources and connections that can help them realize their own professional and creative goals. It can organize events which facilitate professional networking and sharing of knowledge and experience between individuals and businesses. It can host seminars and industry show n tells (makers’ fairs). But most importantly, It will help with the work: help Wellington digital and screen creatives to develop their stories and tools. It will usher in the new digital-life of the studio, safely rooted in a freehold bricks and mortar sustainable enterprise, and capable of all the promise, power and price-point of the new digital age.

For find out more info about the project email Mhairead at [email protected]